Waterjet cutting can cut virtually any material, up to 200 mm thick

       With our technology and experience we can guarantee that, when cutting and/or machining, no deformations or alterations of the material will be caused, achieving a perfect finish.


  Steels, Insulation, Aluminium, Bronze, Carbon, Tungsten Carbide, Cement, Ceramics, Copper, Composites, Plywood, Corion, Glass, Brake Ferrode, Carbon Fiber, Rubber, Granite, Gray, HPL, Jade, Brick, Brass, Wood, Magnesium, Marble, Methacrylate, Niobium, Nickel, Nylon, PVC, Stone, Slate, Silver, Plexiglas, Polystyrene, Polyethylene, Polymers, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Silica, Titanium, Glass, Vinyl....etc.

  Sectors we work for

   Aeronautics, Automotive, Construction, Food Industry, Energy Industry, Signage, Railway Sector, Naval Sector.